Unmap Products

Cin7 Orderhive allows you to map products so that the same inventory levels can be maintained for them. 

With this, it also provides an option to unmap products so that they can be unlinked and you can manage separate inventory counts for them. 

Once the products are unlinked, they will be treated as different products whose inventory will no longer be managed together. Stock adjustments will have to be made individually to the products thereafter.

Follow the below steps to Unmap products:

  • Go to the Products tab.
  • Click and open the product which is already mapped.

  • Once the product is opened, scroll down to the Store Listing section. In the Store Listing section, you’ll see different listings that are mapped under the product that you have opened.
    The last column of the Store Listing table will have the Unmap button. 

  • Find the listing that you want to unmap and click on the Unmap button in that listing’s row. You’ll see a pop-up as shown below. Click on the Unmap button again and the listing will be unmapped and it will create a separate product for that listing.   

  • Once the products are successfully unmapped, a success message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen saying Products unmapped successfully. You’ll also see a new product created for the listing that was unmapped from the main product. 


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