Update Fulffillment Latency in Bulk

Fulfillment latency (also known as handling time) is the number of business days between receiving an order on Amazon and shipping it to the customer. It is an Amazon configuration to mark an item as requiring additional lead time to ship. The default value on Amazon is one to two business days.

Fulfillment latency will be updated from Cin7 Orderhive to Amazon at the time of inventory update. Here’s how you can update fulfillment latency in bulk.

  • Go to the Products page and select products for which you want to update fulfillment latency in bulk.
  • Once you are on the Products page then you can select Update latency

  • Once you have selected Update latency then click on Download a Template

  • When you click on Download a Template, an excel spreadsheet will be downloaded in which there will be Id. Name, SKU, and Channel Name. You need to update the fulfillment latency days under Channel Name and Save that file.
  • Drag and Drop that file and click on Import. Once you click on Import then the file will be imported from the spreadsheet along with new latency and that Fulfillment latency will be shown under individual products, which we have updated through bulk.


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