Update Products in Bulk via Excel

Updating product details in bulk is a quick and easy function which allows you to update a number of product details at once instead of going through them one by one. 

With this, you can update the products Name, Quantity, Threshold, Prices, Brand, Category, Barcodes, HSN, Weights, and Tags.

Note: Only updates in product quantity and price will be pushed to the respective channels.

There are 3 steps to update the any of the above fields as follows:

  • Export the products: 

In order to update any field, you need to first export the products. Click on Products > Import > Import Product > Export from here. This will give you an excel file of all your products in it along with the Cin7 Orderhive ID.


Once you click on Export the excel file will be ready to download in a few seconds. You will receive a notification like this once it is ready to be downloaded.

  • Enter the updated values in the exported file: 

In the exported file, you can now update the values in the appropriate columns and save it.

  • Import the sheet: 

Now it will be required to import this file in order to update the new values. Click on Products > Import > Import Products > Browse. You can select the file from your computer or directly drag and drop it. 


Now, click on the check-box “Update existing products”

It will prompt you below to select the check-boxes of the fields that you want to update. Select the appropriate check-boxes and click on IMPORT.

Once you click on IMPORT, you will be notified in a few minutes about the completion of import, depending on the number of products. If at all there is an error in updating the products, you can download the log file to identify the errors. 


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