Wallet Settings

The wallet is used to recharge for USPS Shipping labels or insurance of shipment. You need to recharge your wallet by attaching a card. The amount in the wallet is deducted as soon as you buy USPS label or insurance.

Reaching Wallet Settings:

To generate USPS labels in Orderhive, configure your credit card from the Wallet page. 

  1. Go to Orderhive Settings →  Wallet. It shows you the current available balance and an option if to recharge the wallet automatically once the value goes below the threshold.
  2. Attach the Credit Card from where the balance amount should be deducted.

Auto-Recharge & Threshold:

Choosing to recharge automatically, will require a threshold value to be set from the drop-down available. If the wallet balance goes below the mentioned value, the auto-recharge gets triggered.

There is also a provision to set the Auto-Recharge Amount once the balance goes below the threshold value.

In case you want to recharge manually, click on Recharge Wallet to load the wallet with the desired amount.

Note: A processing fee of 3.2% will be deducted from each recharge.

Credit Card verification/update and amount entered will proceed to the successful recharge.

Refund Requests:

All the Refund Requests raised for Shipping labels will be logged in Orderhive. Clicking on Refund Requests will show in detail the entries for Refund Requests along with item and shipment details and the current status of the request.

Transaction Logs: 

Orderhive minutely takes into account each transaction made from the Wallet and provides an elaborated Transaction Logs which has all the necessary information regarding the wallet debit and credit. 

Note: The charges for the labels for all the carriers other than USPS, integrated to Orderhive would not be deducted from the wallet balance here. Only charges for USPS labels and any extra insurance on any shipment processed from other shipping carriers would be deducted from your wallet balance.

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