Warehouse Settings

With Orderhive, one can add and manage multiple warehouses.

Please note that only two warehouses can be added in the free trial period. Once you subscribe to a paid plan, you’d be able to add more warehouses in your account.

Reaching Warehouse Settings:

Please follow below steps to reach order settings:

  1. Go to Settings on the left-hand side bottom of your screen 
  2. Go to Settings →  Warehouses to open the settings.

On registering with Orderhive, a default warehouse will be created with the country entered while creating an account. The Star will be displayed on the default warehouse card.

Editing Default Warehouse details: 

To add/edit warehouse details, click on the warehouse card.

The address saved in each warehouse will be considered as the shipping location. This will be displayed on the invoice, and even used for calculating international and domestic shipping rates. So please ensure correct details are entered to avoid any discrepancies during processing orders and shipments. 

Click on Save to update the details.

Use the ‘Add Warehouse’ button to create a new warehouse.

 FBA warehouse will be created automatically after integrating Amazon FBA store with Orderhive.

Important Note: 

The delete option is not available for warehouses. There are certain implications of deleting a warehouse and data from other modules might disrupt if done so. Thus, we do not delete warehouses in Orderhive.

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