Xero integration - Invoices & Payments

Invoices and payments can be synced to Xero by either creating them in bulk or one by one for every order.

Create Invoices in bulk:

  • Select multiple orders from the order listing page and click on the Create Invoices button. Doing so will create invoices for the selected orders and trigger Cin7 Orderhive to automatically push Invoices to Xero.

  • To create an invoice for a specific order, go to the Order detail page >> double click on the order >> select the create invoice option.

  • To log payment for a specific order, go to the Order detail page >> double click the order >>  Log payment.

Note: Payment against the invoice of the same Order will only be sent to Xero.  

Invoice details Cin7 Orderhive sends to Xero

  • Products - Product description, price, discounts, sales tax, and product's sales and purchase account (selected during Integration). 
  • Customer Details - Name, email, phone, billing address.
  • Reference Number - (sales Channel Order Number/Cin7 Orderhive Channel Order Number) 

Before pushing to invoice to Xero, Cin7 Orderhive checks the following: 


Note: If the products are not found, Cin7 Orderhive creates a new product with inventory (if enabled).

Cin7 Orderhive can add full and partial payments to authorized Xero invoices when a payments account is specified (during Integration).

To view if the invoices and payments have synced correctly with Xero, 

  • Go to Settings > Integrations > Xero
  • Check the Sync Account Error Log. 


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