Etsy Integration - Overview

Etsy is a popular e-commerce marketplace focused on handmade and vintage products. Connect your Etsy marketplace account with Cin7 Orderhive to manage the stock & order processing operations.

The below image shows the integration flow between Etsy and Cin7 Orderhive:

Here are the steps to integrate Etsy marketplace account with Cin7 Orderhive:

  • Go to Integrations > Marketplaces > Etsy & click on the Etsy integration icon

  • Enter Etsy store name which will be used all across the Cin7 Orderhive account
  • Enter Etsy shop name & whether inactive listings needs to be synced or not
  • Select warehouses to fulfill the orders from. The stock in the selected warehouses will be reflected on the Etsy store

  • Select the default warehouse - This is the warehouse from which stock will be reserved by default when an order will sync from Etsy store
  • Select Order Sync date - Orders created on this date or after this date will get synced in Cin7 Orderhive
  • Click on Done and the system will be redirected to the Etsy login page. Kindly login to the Etsy marketplace account and grant Cin7 Orderhive access to Etsy marketplace.
  • Cin7 Orderhive will start importing products, sales orders, and customers from the Etsy shop once the above steps are completed.

Note: Please make sure to go through the Do’s & Dont’s of Etsy integration


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