Location, Batch & Cost Management with Purchase Orders & Stock Transfers

It is already known How to add a Purchase Order and How to add a Stock Transfer as discussed in earlier articles.

Now, let’s understand how to use a combination of Location, Batch and Cost variables while creating and managing Purchase orders and Transfers.

Managing Purchase Orders along with Locations, Batches and Costs variable:

So let’s consider a product named iPhone 13 Pro Max and see how purchase orders can be raised and received at different locations of the warehouse. 

  • Go to Purchases module from the left side of the screen
  • Click on the New option.

  • Enter all the product details for which you wish to raise a purchase order and click on Raise
  • After raising you’ll see the corresponding product under Incoming QTY of the selected warehouse.

  • In order to receive the items of the PO, click on Receive button and further select the Location & Batch combination where you want to receive that particular stock.


  • In case you want to receive the PO at a new combination of Location and Batch which does not yet exist for that product, you can simply select any location and batch from the available list. This combination will then be assigned to the product as well.

Managing Stock Transfers along with Locations, Batches and Costs variable:

Let’s consider the product Draft Product and see how stock transfers can be created between different locations of the same or different warehouse(s).

  • Go to Transfers Module. 
  • Click on New Transfer to create a new stock transfer.

  • Select the Transfer From & Destination warehouses. 
  • In case of a stock transfer within a specific warehouse, you can simply select the same warehouse for both Transfer From & Destination warehouse and then while processing select appropriate LBC combinations.

  • After the creation of the transfer click on the Ship button and select the locations from which you want the stock to be transferred.
  • You can also transfer different quantities from different locations & batches by adjusting the stock by using - & + signs.
  • Once you click on Ship, you will be asked for a confirmation to ship the stock transfer. Click on Yes, Ship to move ahead.

  • Once the transfer is created you can click on Receive button to the stock at the Destination warehouse.

  • You can now select the combination of Location & Batch at which you want to receive the stock. After selection simply click on Done and the transfer will be marked as received.

  • Once the Stock Transfer is received, you can mark it as complete and it will move to the Completed stage.


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